Curative Story: Helping out

Once upon a time there was a bird called Anna bird. She lived in a tree with her mama bird, daddy bird, and big sister, Millie bird. Anna bird loved to fly among the trees. Early one morning she was flying around a tree when she saw Mrs. Robins fluttering around her nest. “Tweet tweet,” Anna bird called to Mrs. Robins, landing on a branch.

Mrs. Robins was always very kind, but today she looked distracted and very busy. “Oh, good morning Anna. I am very busy today. I have many things to do and I don’t know how I will get everything done.” “What is on your list?” asked Anna, always curious about what other birds were doing. “Well,” said Mrs. Robins, “I need to tidy up the nest, hunt for some fresh worms before the puddles dry up, and find Squirrel Nutkin to ask him to carry some large nut shells up to my nest for me. But I can’t leave my eggs alone in the nest.” Anna bird thought that was a lot of work to do in one morning. She peered into Mrs. Robins’ nest. Sure enough the twigs and grasses were all over the floor and three little eggs were tucked in the corner. “Can I help you?” Anna bird asked. “Oh, Anna bird, that would be wonderful.” “Maybe I can tidy up the nest and keep an eye on your eggs while you run your errands,” said Anna bird. “Yes,” said Mrs. Robins, “that would be very helpful.”

So Anna bird tidied up the grasses and twigs and kept an eye on the eggs while Mrs. Robins hunted for fresh worms and talked to Squirrel Nutkin about the nut shells. When Mrs. Robins came back, her nest was all tidy and her eggs were safe. “Thank you for helping, Anna,” she said with a big smile as she sat down comfortably on her eggs to warm them. The she gave Anna bird a big, juicy worm, fresh from a puddle, to take home to share with her sister, Millie bird.

As Anna bird flew home carrying her big juicy worm, she thought about the work she had done that morning and felt happy. Mrs. Robins did not seem distracted or busy anymore. When she arrived home, she showed Millie bird the worm, and while they shared their special treat, Anna bird told Millie bird all about helping out Mrs. Robins. “Maybe we can go help her together tomorrow morning,” suggested Millie bird, who also wanted to help out. “Yes,” said Anna bird, “that is a good idea.”