Curative Story: Eating healthy food

Once upon a time there was a bird called Anna bird. She lived in a tree with her Mama bird, Daddy bird, and big sister, Millie bird. Anna bird loved to fly through the air and hop from rock to rock by the stream. She loved to splash in puddles and bathe in the fountain. But she did not like to eat seeds, and that is what her Mama and Daddy bird gave her for dinner every day. Seeds.

One day Anna bird looked at her plate and saw a big pile of seeds. “Ehh,” she said, “I don’t like seeds.” “Anna bird,” replied Mama bird, “seeds are good for you, they help you to grow.” “But I don’t like them. They don’t taste good,” whined Anna bird. Daddy bird said, “Little birds who eat all their seeds grow strong wings and long, soft feathers.” “And little birds who eat all their seeds can fly very high and very fast,” added her Mama.

Anna bird looked at the seeds. She wanted to be able to fly very high and very fast. So one by one she ate all the seeds on her plate. When she was done, she smiled. “There! I ate all my seeds. Soon I will be able to fly way up high and very fast.” And the very next day Anna bird went flying through the air… a little higher and a little faster than she had the day before.

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