Curative story: Sharing

Once upon a time there was a bird called Anna bird. She lived in a tree with her mama bird, daddy bird, and big sister, Millie bird. Anna bird loved to fly from branch to branch and land on the greenest leaf she could fine. One day, Anna bird and Millie bird were flying around in their tree. They both landed on the same green leaf at the same time. “My leaf!” said Anna bird. “No, MY leaf!” cried Millie bird. They both wanted the same leaf but only one of them would fit on it. Anna bird looked around and saw another green leaf, just as beautiful as the one she was on. She jumped up and flew over to it, and landed softly. “Helloooo over there Millie bird!”, she tweeted to her sister. “Hellloooo!” Millie bird tweeted back with a big smile. The two sisters tweeted back and forth happily all afternoon, each on her own green leaf.